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So your business is growing and you’re finally ready to hire a little help. Take a minute before jumping into the “now hiring” ring and read through some of these useful tips.

Now that you are hiring, realize that a new hire is an investment.

1.) Take your time to train them right and avoid going too quickly. You are the boss and can set the expectations and structure in the initial training stage. You are not only teaching them a new skill set but also reflecting on the information you know and what you have learned works. Use this opportunity to strengthen your own skill sets.

2.) Never assume someone knows something as this will likely cause for important things to not be covered and likely lead to later issues down the road.

3.) Set realistic goals and reasonable expectations as this will provide structure and direction for your business. You are laying the groundwork for the future of your business. Follow up in a few weeks on the set goals to answer any questions and gauge performance.

4.) Lastly, understand, mistakes happen. No one is perfect and treating your employees as human beings will lead for a positive environment where your employees are more likely to go out of their way and go the extra mile for you.

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