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Accepting Credit Cards. Is it Worth it?

Has your business been feeling the pressure to join in on the acceptance of credit cards, but still feel put off by the idea?

Here’s some data to consider!

The acceptance of credit cards is not just for customer convenience: a recent study conducted by MIT shows that there is an 83% increase in spending while paying with a credit card. That’s a lot of additional revenue for your business!

In addition, the credibility that a credit card provider has built with the credit card holder is often inherently transferred to a business who displays their acceptance of credit cards.

By allowing customers to pay with card, you are also giving the customer experience a boost with the convenience you are providing.

While these are all things to consider, there are many business owners out there who feel like the bill that is commonly associated with the acceptance of credit cards does not outweigh the positives. We can eliminate all credit card processing fees, legally, and keep you out of trouble with major card brands for running an illegal cash discounting or surcharging model.

Give us a call and let us help!

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