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Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Is your business ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season. Despite a record high inflation and record interest rates, all data indicates that 2023 shopping will be bigger than ever. There was a slight decrease in consumer spending in retail in October, but analysts predict that consumer spending this Holiday Season will reach new records. If look back to 2022, some trends will remain consistent in 2023. Cyber Monday is the biggest day for e-commerce. Online sales on cyber Monday in 2022 reached a record of 11.3 billion in sales.Black Friday sales in the past 3 years continued to break records reaching $9.12 Billion in 2022, and the average spending per person rose to a whopping $833.

As we look at these trends, one thing is for sure, Black Friday will be big, but Cyber Monday will be even bigger. This means that your business should be ready to expect more orders, and be ready manage your online customer support. Plan your biggest discounts for Cyber Monday and make sure your mobile site is optimized to the influx of new customers. More purchases are being made on mobile devices than ever before.

Having the right digital presence is vital to any business and making sure your online business can function without any hiccups requires the right digital partner. From e-commerce websites to payment solutions, and everything else in between, contact us today.

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