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Gift Cards - Digital Vs. Physical

“Alexa, play Technologic by Daft Punk.”

Cryptocurrency? NFTs? Robots taking over?

Look Ma, we made it, we are in the digital age! Well ... not entirely, yet.

Despite being at the forefront of the digital frontier there are some things people still prefer to have in the physical form. Today, the numbers favor physical gift cards over digital gift cards, with 54% of consumers in favor of a plastic hard copy they can physically hold.

Covid has been a major force to rid out many forms of physical items; gift cards being part of that push. On average, 48% of consumers had purchased a digital gift card in 2019. We are predicting this number to continue to keep rise due to factors such as instantaneous gifting and delivery. 12% of users polled consumers purchased a simply gift code sent via text, opposed to a digital copy of the gift card in 2019 which saw a jump to 25% in 2021. With these jumps, we expect digital gift codes to begin becoming the new norm, but maybe not as quick as one would think.

Simply put, most gift cards are given as what they are, a gift. Statistically many still prefer to be handed a physical gift card but this may change long term. Whatever your case is, have the flexibility to equip yourself with both.

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