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We want address the menaces of society who appear to have bad intentions in their hearts:

The dreaded shoplifters

Did you know more than $13,000,000,000 in goods are stolen a year from retail locations, equivalent to almost $35,000,000 a day?

That’s a lot of zeros!

Most small mom and pop retail locations can’t afford to instal smart tagging or sensors in their store yet they are hit the heaviest when someone steals.

Here are a couple of simple ways to reduce shoplifting in your business:

• Welcome everyone - greeting your customers may seem like the usual thing to do, but a simple greeting can make potential shoplifters change their mind about stealing from your store because they know you can identify them.

•Be organized - Keeping your shelves stocked and organized can help you identify if something is missing. Keeping a clear line of vision on all your products can help you see suspicious activities.

• Have a secret word or code - Coming up with a secret code or word to inform your employees of potential shoplifting can help everyone be aware of suspicious activity.

• Let there be light - Keeping your store well lit specially if you work at night will help deter some shoplifters.

• Station your cash register near the exit - Having your cash register near the exit with employees watching who leaves can be helpful, but keep an eye on your register as well.

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