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Keeping employees engaged and motivated is crucial for the success any business. In 2021, research showed that 70% of the workforce planned to leave their jobs and look for other opportunities citing better pay, work life balance and work environment as factors in changing career paths. A motivated and engaged workforce can lead to increased productivity, reduce turnover and improve the company culture. Here are a couple of ideas on how to keep your employees engaged in your business.

A positive work environment - Foster a company culture that values open communication. Create an open door policy and open communication so that employees can share ideas, and take ownership of their work. Create a feedback session to engage your employees on performance discussions and listen to your employee’s suggestions and concerns. This will help know where they stand and how to work with them to achieve your goals.

Recognize and reward achievements - Catch them when your employees do something great and make them feel special. This will go a long way in boosting performance.

Professional Development - Have you invested in training, or created a career path development within your organization? Helping employees achieve their potential and potential advancement can not only enhance their skills but show a commitment on your part that you are investing in their future.

Work life balance - It’s not always easy to promote work life balance as you know, but finding ways to offer some balance is crucial to keeping your employees motivated. A random day off, remote work options or additional vacation bonuses can be something to consider implementing.

Define Goals for each employee - Clearly identifying goals for each employee can help structure and give them direction and purpose. Aligning your company goals with each employee’s performance goals will help your team stay focused on the bigger picture.

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