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The Bots attack.

We’ve all seen science fiction movies where robots try to destroy humans. There is a lot of debates on artificial intelligence and the danger of losing control over the machines we have created, but we will leave that discussion for later. What we do know and have spotted over the years is the take over of bots in social media, and online review sites. As consumers we have come to rely on reviews from other shoppers when buying a product online. Sure we have become skeptical of these reviews because of reports that sellers were paying for reviews or competitors were posting negative reviews to negatively impact their rivals.

Research has shown that The number of fake reviews are growing, with more and more businesses using fake reviews to promote their products or services or to negatively impact the rating of products and services of competitors. This has huge impact on all of us. According to research 93% of consumers say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, but if reviews are rigged - whether by bots, paid stooges or the merchants themselves - how can anyone make accurate decisions when shopping online? There are online tools like to try to detect fake reviews, but technology keeps evolving and bots keep attacking the digital world. We strongly recommend that as a business you keep growing your followers organically, and stay on top of your online reviews and reputation.

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