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Time Flies…When You Don’t Manage it.

Time is limited and it is your most valuable commodity. More and more time seems to fly by or is it just that we are so distracted with everything that is happening, that when it comes time to get things done, it seems like we are running out of time? Today’s tip is a quick guide to better manage your time and hopefully get more done without feeling overwhelmed.

• Determine what requires your immediate attention

• Create a daily plan and write it down - (Use a planner or calendar)

• Know your deadlines

• Learn to say no. Don’t overbook yourself.

• Allow time for the unexpected.

• FOCUS - Block out distractions (cellphone, TV, Social Media, Etc.)

• Prioritize and Track your time.

• FOCUS on one thing at a time

• Delegate and Automate - You’re not a superhero and everyone needs help.

• Rest when you are tired, and stop when you need to.

• Leave buffer time in between tasks.

• HAVE FUN, RECHARGE and UNPLUG when you are done.

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