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Virtual SIM Cards and Cyber Security

Are you utilizing virtual SIM Cards at your business?

If so, we’ve got the tip for you!

Protecting your vulnerabilities online begins with knowing where those vulnerablities are.

In the past year, the online fraud prevention and cybersecurity space have reached record highs regarding cybercrimes. Much of the recent cyber activity has stemmed from the fact that many of us are now working remotely. Although this has been great for our bottom lines, it has also created numerous additional vulnerabilities within online operations. As of 2021 online fraud has become much easier than ever before and an area that has created a lot of controversy is virtual SIM cards.

Many businesses and their consumers are using virtual SIM cards and hackers are using this cloud-based technology to access companies’ financials and other proprietary information. Virtual SIM cards allow online fraudsters to get around two-factor authentication and one-time password security protocols. They are also extremely inexpensive and easily accessible and that makes them such a huge target. This technology is rendering many phone authentication techniques a thing of the past and making it feasible for cyber fraudsters to commit significant levels of fraud at insignificant prices.

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