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your customers
have a choice.

Give your customers
the power to choose.


With rising inflation, high interest rates, and a volatile economy, some customers are looking for the most convenient way to pay, while others are looking for cost-savings options.


FEEPASS offers the technology to help merchants offer a Card Price and Cash Price in their store. The terminal or point-of-sale system will automatically display both options to the customer, who now has a clearer choice in their form of payment. 


By adjusting your business model and offering your customers a choice, you not only build trust and repeat customers easier for today's changing market, you also enhance your customer's experience by offering an option for maximum cost-savings when it really counts. 


Choose FEEPASS to improve your customer's experience and grow your business.

4x4-FEEPASS Round Sticker

FEEPASS offers the technology to help merchants offer a Card Price and Cash Price.

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We'll Take Care of All Your Re-pricing.

With our proprietary technology we allow you to instantly re-price your entire inventory. This includes signage on the shelves, restaurant menus, websites, and anything else in between.

Ring Up Your Sale


With the FEEPASS software built into every terminal, it will automatically display the 


The Consumer Then Decides


Customers are now offered a clearer choice for paying with Card or paying with Cash.

4x4 Round Feepass Dual Pricing Sticker

FEEPASS is legal
in all 50 States

In most cases the only requirement to stay compliant with your state's laws is that the FeePass signage is placed where customers are made aware of the Card Price and Cash Price. We provide all of our customers with marketing material and legal documents regarding the program.

See all the marketing, training, and signage materials we offer to help you have a successful program in our marketing page. 

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Running your FEEPASS Program
is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Dual Pricing Card Price and Cash Price notice

Update Your Price Lists & Menus

We recommend that you update your prices to properly reflect a CARD and CASH PRICE on all store items.

Get your Feepass Signage today

Post the Signage We Provide

ONLY use the card brand compliant signage WE provide that PROPERLY alerts your customers and keeps you compliant with the FEEPASS program. 

Payment Terminal Image

Start Selling

Once you have updated your prices and posted our signage you are ready to start processing payments. 

Feepass merchant signage Dual Pricing material

Get All the Marketing Materials You Need to be a SUCCESS.

We will work with you to get you all the marketing and training materials you need to explain FEEPASS to your co-workers and customers. From signage to display stands, table talkers to brochures, or banners to terminals and menu stickers. Check out all the sizes and varieties we have available below. Need more? Our design team is ready to work with you on anything you need.  

Tabletalker Feepass
8.5x11 Dual Pricing notice
Dual Pricing Notice, not a surcharge
Duel Pricing Customer Notice
4x2 Feepass minimum transaction notice
Feepass Stand up sign
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