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We've got you covered.

We have invested a lot in marketing materials, so you don’t have to think about it. We will work with you to provide everything you need to explain FEEPASS to you, your co-workers, and customers. From table tents to displays, training materials to re-pricing signage, brochures, and everything else in between so you can have a successful program and happier customers. 

Paying Customer


Customers want choices

FEEPASS will give your customers the choice to pay the Card Price or Cash Price, giving them options for how they want to pay. 


The terminal or point-of-sale will automatically display both options to the customer. By offering your customers a choice, you build trust and repeat customers easier. 

All FEEPASS materials provided let customers know that we are the ones responsible for the program, not you, the Merchant. We also provide our phone number should any questions arise. 


We will train your co-workers and employees on the program, so they understand the reasons why the program benefits your business, your customers, and your staff. They will know how to explain the program to your customers and become advocates for your business. Understanding how the program works and how customers benefit from the program will help your employees and co-workers answer any questions customers may have.   

Grocery Store Worker


FeePass not a surcharge or cash discount. DualPricing customer signage notice.

Get All the Marketing Materials You Need to be a SUCCESS.

We will work with you to get you all the marketing and training materials you need to explain FEEPASS to your co-workers and customers. From signage to display stands, table talkers to brochures, or banners to terminals and menu stickers. Check out all the sizes and varieties we have available below. Need more? Our design team is ready to work with you on anything you need.  

Table Talker Duel Pricing notice
We offer both a card and cash price for all goods & services
Cash Discounting Customer Notice
Merchant Services Customer Duel Pricing Signage
Merchant Services minimum transaction notice
Feepass Duel Pricing Credit Card Price notice
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