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Chargebacks has reported some pretty staggering numbers for merchants to consider.

As a merchant, you know that the sale does not always end with the transaction. Most merchants are see returns or even the dreaded chargeback. Many business owners are not familiar with how to fight chargebacks and don’t always have a company that will fight alongside them to mitigate these risks.

Here are some statistics:

• 65% of consumers have disputed a purchase in their lifetime

• only 25% of disputes filed are the result of fraudulent purchases

• 17% of those who filed chargebacks admitted to filing a fraud dispute for a transaction that wasn't actually fraudulent

• 23% wanted to cancel a recurring subscription

• 18% were owed a refund due to a complaint or cancellation, but did not receive one

Did you know that there are ways to prevent many chargebacks from occurring?

Our job is to make sure your money is your money and place the equipment that protects your business and minimizes chargebacks.

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