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The Tipping Dilemma

Tipping at Self-Checkout has customers wondering how and where the tips go. As payments technology takes over the market, and self everything creates zero human interaction, customers are now faced with the a question on the payment screen - How much to tip? Prompts to leave 10%, 20% and even 30% at self-checkout machines at airports, stadiums, and other venues are showing up everywhere.

Business owners argue that the tips can increase gratuities for the business and boost staff pay, but consumers are left wondering if companies aren't simply trying to snag some extra income. Consumers say that businesses asking them to tip while they are doing all the work during the transaction feels like emotional blackmail and a tip trend gone too far.

Tipping is always optional, but the underlying pressure of giving a tip or rounding up your purchase to donate to a cause always feel more like an obligation and customers do feel pressured to hit a tip amount whether on a self-checkout or when asked by an employee.

The right way to go about tips for your business is also your choice. We can help you implement the latest technology for your payments and help grow your business. Contact us to learn more

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