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Your Garden

When you look at a thriving vegetable garden, what do you see? You can learn a lot about your business when you break down the steps it takes to have a successful harvest in your vegetable garden.

1- Setting up a strong foundation

You can’t simply throw seeds in hard, dry dirt. You have to prepare the soil, make sure you have the right amount of sunlight, and do your research about each plant you are looking to grow. Poor drainage will rot the root system; too much sun will kill your more delicate plants. The same goes for your business. A solid business plan, capital, and a strong leadership team are all part of your foundation.

2- Plotting your space

Knowing which plants grow better together, and how to deter pests in your garden is key to your success. Adding flowers to your garden will attract bees which will help pollinate other plants. When planting tomatoes it is always a good idea to grow flowers with it, as it keeps pests away from your tomatoes. The same goes for your workplace. Having a crowded workspace or poor team integration can affect the production of your team. Like plants, the workplace is a collection of individuals that should work in harmony as they are highly affected by their surroundings.

3- Watering, nurturing, and harvesting

Gardening and business are a test of Patience. AND lots of it. When you plant a seed, it takes time but they become seedlings. Watering and nurturing until they mature, blossom, and produce fruit. Expecting potatoes to grow as fast as lettuce or herbs will only lead to frustration. Placing an intern in a situation that they are not prepared to handle can affect their confidence and your business. The same goes for asking a senior team member to do entry-level tasks. Knowing how to approach each team member to increase their commitment to the business and motivate them to take ownership is both an art and a science.

Growing your business like your garden takes time, patience, and consistency. Having the right business partners and vendors that can help you achieve your goals and bring you new solutions is key to your success. To learn more about how we can help grow your business and, if needed, some gardening tips, contact us today!

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