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To know where you are going you must first know where you are coming from…Look at your business subjectively. What are your strengths? Are your products and services unique? Do you have an unique value to your customers? Do you have loyal customers? Do you have a strong team? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a high turnover rate? Ineffective processes and systems? Where can you improve? As you move from Strengths to weaknesses start looking for new business opportunities and how you can make improvements to grow your business. Can you list any growth opportunities in your business? Reach customers in a new location? Open on Sundays for a couple of hours? Look for market demands during specific times of the year? Holiday sales or loyalty program for your customers? Offer new payment options? 

Now that you have done your homework and defined your plan for growth, take action. Set goals, and follow through. Growing your business takes time, patience, consistency and effort. 

For more business tips follow us here. For business solutions to help grow your business, contact us today!

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